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I havent watch the last episode of rookie blue yet due to internet difficulties but is marlo really pregnant?

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I really truly don’t think that it is Sam’s baby. It wouldn’t really be a cliffhanger if it was. They never showed signs of Marlo being sick or fatigued and she worked all through the night on the case, so if she is indeed pregnant, it can’t possibly be that far along, and I would guess that it’s been a good 3-4 months since Sam got shot. In the end, I don’t even think that it is Marlo’s to begin with, but rather Chloe’s. I think maybe that is why Marlo was asking Dov so many questions about that relationship. Maybe she was trying to help Chloe out, you never know. 

Sam and Andy right now are in a beautiful place so I am going to hold onto that and until someone tells me not to. 

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Whenever the links come, thanks for putting them up for us! We really do appreciate it!

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In the scene where the two brothers finally see each other and then Oliver tells everyone in the room they can go home. Ben yanks Missy’s ponytail when he leaves. Haha I love those two ☺️

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Well there it is folks. Not too worried because it probably comes up when Marlo resurfaces for whatever reason. 

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Hey globaltelevision got any Rookie Blue scoop for tonight’s episode? Please?!

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31 hours or so till Rookie Blue and I can’t even wait. I just want to see that diner scene of Sam and Andy. I need it!

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5x08 diner scene is all I am looking forward too right now. I can’t wait for next week. Ugh my babies are so adorable.

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